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A spotlight on... Kids for Kids: Transforming lives in Sudan

Updated: Apr 19

Founded 23 years ago by Patricia Parker OBE, this remarkable charity has been making a significant impact in Sudan, particularly in North Darfur, where the need is greatest, especially given the current conflict. Kids for Kids is the second of our "Spotlight on" series, designed to support our Theory of Change and increase the number of small charities supported by the clients we work with.

The Kids for Kids story began when Patricia visited Sudan while her son was working at the British embassy. During her visit, Patricia encountered a 9-year-old boy who was walking for miles across a desolate desert in search of water. This poignant encounter marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of the people in Sudan.

Empowering communities for sustainable change

Kids for Kids focuses on implementing sustainable projects that uplift entire communities. Over the years, they have introduced initiatives such as a goat loan scheme, installing hand pumps, training midwives and first aiders, providing loans for goats, chickens, and donkeys, and building kindergartens. They've also supplied communities with mosquito nets, blankets and jerry cans. These efforts aim to address the immediate needs of villages while also offering a pathway out of poverty for future generations.

One of their most impactful initiatives is the goat loan scheme. Goats are invaluable in these remote areas because they provide nutritious goat's milk, which is rich in protein. Kids for Kids has recognised the importance of goats in nutrition and livelihoods, ensuring that families receive the support they need to thrive.

The ongoing struggle in Darfur

Despite the challenges posed by ongoing conflict and civil unrest in the region, Kids for Kids remains committed to its mission. While their ability to deliver aid and support communities is hampered by the ever-changing security situation, their determination to make a difference remains unshaken.

Kids for Kids has a small, dedicated team based in the UK, but their work is powered by local volunteers, including individuals from the very villages they aim to uplift. It's a grassroots effort that empowers local communities to create lasting change, which makes the current conflict something that is very real for the charity itself. The team must be funded and ready for opportunities to deploy their aid when the windows of opportunity become available.

Getting involved: Children's Champions 2024

In March 2024, Kids for Kids will be launching the Children's Champions 2024 initiative. This program invites individuals and businesses to commit to supporting the charity for at least three years. You can choose to support their greatest needs, emergency appeals, or specific projects like funding a hand pump, midwife training, goat loans, or kindergartens.

Kids for Kids can bring new supporters into existing fundraising events like their annual candlelit concert and summer ambassadors board, alongside familiar challenges like marathons and cycling events.

We hope you'll be inspired by their dedication and the impact they've already made. If you're looking for a charitable cause to support, consider becoming a Children's Champion or participating in one of their events. Your contribution can help them continue to adopt villages, transform lives, and bring hope to the people of Sudan.

To learn more about Kids for Kids visit their website.


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