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Good Business Talking Podcast: Ravi Rai & Robert Hayward

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Robert Hayward, the CEO of GoodFX, recently had the please of joining Ravi Rai, the host of the Good Business Talking podcast. The ensuing conversation took a deep dive into the heart of GoodFX and how this pioneering B Corp is redefining the financial landscape for the greater good. Here's the link to the audio, and we've summarised the conversation here...

GoodFX's mission is to transform international payments into a catalyst for positive change, reshaping the industry's traditional norms.

During the podcast, Robert passionately shared how a significant portion of GoodFX's trade profits is thoughtfully channelled to support carefully selected charities, aligning with the core values of our clients. He explained, that clients are often pleasantly surprised, as they realise the meaningful impact of the donations we make on their behalf every quarter.

The crux of the conversation delved into how GoodFX is fundamentally revolutionising financial systems, crafting a virtuous cycle that emphasises the importance of giving back to society.

Robert generously shared his personal journey: a trajectory that began in the corporate world and transitioned into recognising the immense potential for making meaningful contributions within the financial sector. His journey encapsulates the essence of purpose-driven work and the fulfilment derived from contributing to societal well-being.

A pivotal facet of GoodFX's mission centres on empowering refugees through comprehensive training programs and providing them with meaningful employment opportunities. Robert passionately articulated the critical need for diversity and inclusion within the finance industry, emphasising how GoodFX is proactively working to bridge this prevalent gap. By focusing on marginalised communities like refugees, GoodFX is creating a pathway for them to enter the financial sector and thus fostering a more inclusive industry.

The conversation further ventured into the intricacies of the financial system, raising a thought-provoking question: can it genuinely be transformed into a force for good?

Robert provided insights, underlining the undeniable influence and power that money holds within our society. He encouraged listeners to challenge existing paradigms and redefine the role of financial institutions, urging them to become significant agents of positive change.

Listen to the podcast for the full conversation, shedding light on the transformative journey of GoodFX and its unwavering commitment to leveraging financial flows for the betterment of society.

The podcast presents a holistic view of how GoodFX is making significant strides in the financial industry and leaving an indelible positive mark on the world.


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