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GoodFX and Finance Unlocked form partnership to empower refugees through financial education (PR)

The first impact-led FX organisation to be B Corp certified and the UK’s leading financial education B Corp, team up to bring employment skills to displaced communities in Africa.

[London, 24 October 2023] – GoodFX, a B Corp dedicated to repurposing international payments for social good, and Finance Unlocked, a leading provider of financial education, have joined forces to create economic opportunities for refugees in Kenya. The partnership, which marks Finance Unlocked’s first education delivery to refugees, is delivering financial and business skills to refugees in the Kukuma camp, helping them secure jobs in the financial services sector and providing them with the tools to transform their lives.

GoodFX specialises in B2B international payments and channels a third of its programme manager fees towards the charity of its clients' choice. This initiative enables businesses to support charitable causes at no extra cost while optimising their international transactions. GoodFX also offers comprehensive impact reporting, allowing clients to track and demonstrate their contributions to social good.

The partnership with Finance Unlocked represents a crucial component of GoodFX's broader commitment to social impact. Finance Unlocked, a B Corp dedicated to providing financial education, worked with GoodFX to develop a 10-week training program aimed at teaching digital sales skills to marginalised communities. This program was remotely deployed to the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and forms the core of the collaboration between the two B Corps.

The training program empowers refugees with the knowledge and skills they need to secure jobs in the financial services sector. By completing the program, refugees gain a credible foundation for future employment in fields such as fintech sales, as well as an understanding of key financial concepts. This education offers them a unique opportunity to enter the commercial economy and improve their prospects.

The first pod of trainees has already graduated from the program, having successfully completed the 10-week course. This achievement represents a significant milestone for both GoodFX and Finance Unlocked, as it underscores their shared commitment to creating positive social change.

Daisy Meakin, COO of Finance Unlocked, commented on the partnership, stating, "We're excited about the opportunity to collaborate with GoodFX to provide financial education to refugees. This initiative aligns with our commitment to social impact, and we believe that education is the key to empowering marginalised communities."

Robert Hayward, Founder & CEO of GoodFX, said, “We designed this program to drive economic inclusion for displaced people around the world. And to give people from diverse backgrounds their first step into sharing the profits of the finance sector. We’re delighted to see our first cohort successfully complete this world-class education program, generously offered by Finance Unlocked.”

Looking ahead, GoodFX and Finance Unlocked have ambitious plans to expand their collaboration. Nova Arkney, head of sales at GoodFX, who is passionate about bringing social mobility to further marginalised communities, has now begun the second training pod of the GoodFX and Finance Unlocked partnership, training 6 individuals in the Kukuma refugee camp. She is also actively exploring options to extend the programme both overseas and within the UK’s refugee communities.

This groundbreaking partnership between GoodFX and Finance Unlocked demonstrates the potential for innovative solutions to create lasting, positive change in the lives of marginalised communities. By offering financial education and skills training, these B Corps are helping refugees build sustainable brighter futures for themselves.

About GoodFX:

GoodFX is a B Corp that repurposes international payments for social good. It channels a third of its fees towards the charity of its clients' choice and offers comprehensive impact reporting to help businesses optimise their international transactions while making a difference in the world.

About Finance Unlocked:

Finance Unlocked is a B Corp specialising in providing financial education. They work with organisations to develop and deliver training programs that help people build financial skills and knowledge, promoting social mobility and financial empowerment.


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