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Interviews with Impactful People: Celebrating B Corp Month 2024

For B Corp Month 2024 the team at GoodFX has decided to interview a different B Corp every working day of March. We want to understand what their businesses do, how they think about impact and sustainability, why they went down the B Corp route, and how it relates to their business and vision.

Next up, Sarah from Gladiator Events...

Sarah explains that Gladiator Events is an event management company that collaborates with charities to host unique outdoor challenge events aimed at raising funds and building lasting connections between charities and their supporters.

The company's commitment to inclusivity extends to its B Corp status, which emphasises responsible use of funds and prioritises the well-being of its team members, and despite the high-stress nature of the event industry, Gladiator Events focuses on supporting its staff and ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Sarah emphasizes that prioritizing the well-being of staff ultimately enhances the quality of events and fosters a positive atmosphere for participants and volunteers. By creating a supportive environment, Gladiator Events can effectively represent the charities they work with and ensure the success of their fundraising efforts.

Sarah highlights Gladiator Events' dedication to social impact, inclusivity, and responsible business practices, showcasing how their unique approach contributes to meaningful connections and successful fundraising for charitable causes.


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