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Interviews with Impactful People: Celebrating B Corp Month 2024

For B Corp Month 2024 the team at GoodFX has decided to interview a different B Corp every working day of March. We want to understand what their businesses do, how they think about impact and sustainability, why they went down the B Corp route, and how it relates to their business and vision.

Next up, Iain from Temple...

Iain Audus introduces Temple, a UK-based company specialising in environmental sustainability planning for infrastructure projects. Their mission is to assess and mitigate negative environmental and social impacts while maximising positive outcomes.

Temple values the intrinsic value of environmental conservation beyond numerical metrics. Thus, they aim to represent their impact in a way that balances data-driven analysis with qualitative understanding.

Iain views Temple being a B Corp as a natural fit for their purpose-driven approach, and emphasises intentionality over marketing goals, concluding with an acknowledgement of all the positive work being done by Temple.


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