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Interviews with Impactful People: Celebrating B Corp Month 2024

For B Corp Month 2024 the team at GoodFX has decided to interview a different B Corp every working day of March. We want to understand what their businesses do, how they think about impact and sustainability, why they went down the B Corp route, and how it relates to their business and vision.

Next up, Andy from Kid-A...

Andy introduces Kid-A as a consultancy business working with mobile network operators and retailers in the UK, managing categories of their business in an innovative way. The decision to become a B Corp was driven by a desire to create a business environment free from the stress and pressures of traditional corporate structures.

Despite initial skepticism, Kid-A views B Corp certification as the best framework for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Andy expresses optimism about the future of B Corp, emphasising the importance of evolving the framework to maintain its integrity and authenticity.

Andy concludes by discussing the challenges and rewards of becoming a B Corp, emphasising the importance of genuine intention and meaningful action. Kid-A's journey as a B Corp reflects their dedication to making a positive impact on the world while maintaining a successful business model.


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