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Interviews with Impactful People: Celebrating B Corp Month 2024

For B Corp Month 2024 the team at GoodFX has decided to interview a different B Corp every working day of March. We want to understand what their businesses do, how they think about impact and sustainability, why they went down the B Corp route, and how it relates to their business and vision.

Next up, Paul from B1G1...

Paul shares the origin story of B1G1, which began with a vision inspired by its co-founder, Masami Soto, to create a platform where every business transaction resulted in a positive outcome for the world. B1G1 allows businesses to incorporate giving into their everyday operations by connecting their business activities with impactful projects around the world, which can range from providing clean water to planting trees.

Paul emphasises the transformative power of being a "business for good" and the positive impact it has on both the business itself and its stakeholders. He also touches on the relationship between B1G1 and B Corp certification, noting that both initiatives focus on creating positive change, but B1G1 extends beyond internal processes and actively engages clients and stakeholders in making a difference.

Paul showcases the unique approach of B1G1 in enabling businesses to make a meaningful impact on the world while also benefitting their bottom line. It conveys the importance of leveraging business as a force for good and the potential for businesses to create positive change on a global scale.


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