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  • Robert Hayward

Our latest addition to the GoodFX team - Abdul Mohammed

Updated: Jan 16

At GoodFX, we are proud to celebrate diversity, resilience, and the value of financial education in supporting the communities in which we work. Today marks a special moment as we extend a warm welcome to Abdul Mohammed, a remarkable individual with an inspiring journey, as he officially joins our team in Garissa, Kenya.

Abdul's journey

Abdul Mohammed, based in Garissa, Kenya, has also excelled in the financial education training provided by GoodFX and Finance Unlocked. As a learner on Na'Amal's digital employment programme, his journey is a testament to resilience and determination, qualities that align seamlessly with the values we care about.

Abdul's unique background and accomplishments as a 'GoodFX Fellow' have already made a significant impact on our mission to empower individuals through financial knowledge and opportunities.

Outstanding achievements as a GoodFX Fellow

During his tenure as a GoodFX Fellow, Abdul displayed an impressive commitment to his own professional development and our mission:

  • Live training sessions: Abdul actively participated in 20 live training sessions, showcasing a keen interest in learning and a proactive approach to skill development.

  • Asynchronous financial training: He completed 10 hours of asynchronous financial training with Finance Unlocked, demonstrating his dedication to gaining a deeper understanding of financial concepts and practices.

  • Proactive prospecting: Abdul took the initiative in prospecting activities, successfully booking two new business meetings while undergoing training, directly contributing to the growth and success of the GoodFX business.

  • Consistent engagement: Throughout his fellowship, Abdul consistently demonstrated his commitment by being actively engaged and present in training sessions. His rapid and thorough grasp of the content speaks volumes about his dedication and passion for continuous learning.

  • Exemplifying GoodFX values: Above all, Abdul embodies GoodFX's values of consistent learning and applied expertise. His actions align with our mission to empower individuals with financial knowledge and opportunities.

GoodFX CEO Robert Hayward commented,

"Abdul's journey is a testament to the transformative power of education and opportunity. We are thrilled to welcome him to the GoodFX family, and we look forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly make."

Nova Arkney, Head of Sales & Training, adds,

"Abdul's achievements during his fellowship highlight his dedication and smart thinking. He brings a wealth of talent and a unique perspective to our team, contributing to our collective success."

Outside of work, Abdul is not just a finance enthusiast; he's also a passionate Manchester United fan. His love for football mirrors the team spirit and dedication we value at GoodFX.

Join us in welcoming Abdul Mohammed to the GoodFX family. We're confident that his unique experiences, passion for financial empowerment (and love for football) will play a key role in driving positive change within our organisation and the communities we serve.


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