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Playing with purpose: Ben Sadler from Alive & Kicking

Updated: Jan 26

It's heart-warming to come across organisations that exist solely to create a positive impact on society. Ben Sadler, CEO at Alive & Kicking, shares a remarkable journey, shedding light on their partnership with GoodFX and the incredible work they do.

The power of sport

Alive & Kicking is a charity and sportswear manufacturer fuelled entirely by a commitment to social impact. From crafting American footballs using upcycled airline seats to producing FIFA-standard soccer balls, their products not only meet the highest standards but are vehicles for change.

The social impact starts at the very beginning of production. Over 85% of the ball materials are locally sourced, and more than half of the materials are upcycled, reducing their carbon footprint significantly. Furthermore, all offcuts from production are transformed into bags and fashion accessories, minimising waste and promoting sustainability.

But the heart of their mission lies in job creation. By employing adults from vulnerable job groups, including those living with disabilities, Alive & Kicking provides ethical jobs that not only empower individuals economically but also enhance their quality of life. Through their employment, families gain access to education, healthcare, and safe housing, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Unlocking their full potential

Alive & Kicking generates income through ball sales and fundraising initiatives. The charity distributes thousands of balls annually through ball libraries, giving young people access to sports, positively impacting their mental and physical well-being and even school attendance.

In addition to sport, they use their balls to deliver health education by training sports coaches and teachers to incorporate mental health education into sport drills, empowering young people to lead happier and healthier lives.

How GoodFX got involved

Alive & Kicking connected with GoodFX at a pitching event in central London. GoodFX's service became a vital tool for Alive & Kicking in overcoming the challenges of transferring funds internationally, especially across different currencies. It simplifies the process and ensures that the funds reach their partners efficiently and at competitive rates.

Ben says:

"What truly sets GoodFX apart is their commitment to giving back. A portion of their service charges is donated to the charities on their roster."

This means that not only does Alive & Kicking benefit from using their service, but their corporate partners can also support the charity indirectly, further increasing their impact.

A seamless and secure solution

Ben praises the ease and safety of using GoodFX's platform, highlighting its user-friendly nature and the clarity it provides when making transfers. Their partners appreciate the speed and reliability, resulting in strengthened relationships and a smoother process.

Ben's message to other charities is clear: GoodFX offers a dual benefit – a platform for efficient fund transfers and a potential source of support through your corporate partners.

How our readers can make a difference...

For those inspired by Alive & Kicking's mission, there are several ways to get involved:

  • Purchase a Ball: Visit their website and explore a range of unique ball designs. Not only do these make great gifts, but each purchase contributes to their impactful work.

  • Support with Style: Show your support for Alive & Kicking by getting one of their vibrant AK FC football shirts.

  • Corporate Partnership: If you're part of a corporation involved in international money transfers, consider using GoodFX's service and indirectly support Alive & Kicking's mission.


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