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The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Image credits to @BOSF

Founded in 1991, the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation stands as the world's largest orangutan conservation organization. Dedicated to securing the future of orangutans, BOS achieves this through extensive restoration efforts, collaborating with agencies and local communities to safeguard vital habitats.


Their impact is profound and multifaceted: combating unsustainable palm oil farming, preventing illegal poaching and trading in the rainforest, and indirectly safeguarding other species that share their habitat. For orangutans unable to return safely to the wild, BOS provides sanctuaries, ensuring they live securely.


BOS's commitment extends to empowering local communities to coexist harmoniously with orangutans, exemplified by their rehabilitation and release programs.

Orangutans like Kopral, who suffered a tragic accident at the age of four during captivity, find refuge on Sanctuary Island, where they thrive in the company of fellow orangutans.

Kopral (image credits to @BOSF)

Jeni, currently enrolled in Forest School at Nyaru Menteng, embodies hope for the future. This young orangutan is known for her adventurous spirit, enjoying tree-climbing and socializing with her peers, as she prepares for eventual reintroduction into the wild.

Jeni (image credits to @BOSF)

Topan was rescued in a severely dehydrated, malnourished, and dangerously underweight condition. Today, under the care of Nyaru Menteng Forest School, she exudes confidence and joy, while acquiring essential skills for her eventual return to the wild. Known for her independence, Topan has begun forging friendships and showcases her intelligence by using a sack to shield herself from the sun and selecting leaves as a smart and abundant food choice. Her journey highlights resilience and adaptability in orangutans under rehabilitation.

Topan (video credits to @BOSF)


BOS provides orangutans like Kopral, Jeni, and Topan with the skills and care needed for their unique journeys towards independence. With an average rehabilitation period of ten years, BOS ensures these animals receive essential education, healthcare, and sustenance. Supporting BOS means safeguarding 432 orangutans and protecting 1.1 million acres of precious rainforest—an invaluable contribution to conservation efforts.

GoodFX is proud to be supporting this wonderful charity. We hear sunrise yoga sessions in the rainforest are available for top donors. Time to get the cheque book out and practice touching your toes!


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