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Ethical FX for

Unlocking a new source of funds from your corporate partners

Is your charity losing donations to the finance system?

Every day the banking system transfers $5 trillion around the world. Finance fuels the world of industry, as well as providing valuable funding for your charitable projects, both close to home and all over the world.

But there’s friction in this system. As money is converted into local currencies various parties take a piece away for performing a small function in the process. It means less of the donations you receive actually reach those in need.

What if some of that ‘lost’ money came back to you?

And what if there was an institution that existed as an impartial guide to money transfers, and last-mile finance solutions?


Now you can stop the leakage

We’re on a mission to repurpose international banking to make it work for charities’ interests, rather than against them.

As an foreign exchange (FX) provider, we’re one of those parties in the financial system. But, the difference is, we give one-third of our ‘piece of the pie’ back to you.

That means that more of your donors’ money makes its way to the people and communities who need it, and less ends up leaking out of the financial system.

Join these charities currently benefiting from a share of FX profits

Bring your corporate partners with you too

We can help you directly with your own FX requirements, so that less of your own money is lost to the system. But we can also help you indirectly, through the for-profit companies that support you.

If these companies use GoodFX for their own FX trades, they can nominate you as the beneficiary of the money we redistribute (the one-third ‘piece of the pie’).

Imagine if all of your corporate partners were onboard, exchanging currency throughout the year to go about their business, and creating a steady stream of additional donations for your charity.

And this is available at no cost to them or you.

Get in touch today and we'll perform a free FX Audit on your existing rates to see how much you could save.

The fine details

We’ve partnered with Percent to support our international donations round the world. As requirements differ for each country, please see this page for full requirements by country.

GoodFX captures the flow of global payments to fund good causes, with a third of the trading profit we receive from your transaction used to fund a charity of your choice, creating on-the-ground impact for local communities.


Our trading profit (or net profit) is calculated as the gross profit we make on the transaction, minus any platform, payment, financing or exceptional transaction fees.


After these deductions, the donation represents roughly 23% of our gross profit, but this may vary with those charges.  

Our donations to your preferred charity are enabled by Percent via the Intelligent Foundation (UK Registered Charity Number 1192508; Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, ABN 48156978613). Non-profits should enroll with Percent to receive donations we collect to benefit them. Non-profits signed-up to receive these payments typically receive their money within 90 days of the original donation but payments may be batched together to a minimum threshold of £50. In rare instances where funds cannot be granted to the donor’s recommended cause – such as when the cause fails to meet the due diligence requirements, closes down their operation or does not onboard to receive funds– then we reserve the right to reassign funds to another non-profit.

GoodFX’s default option is to support the Childhood Trust (Registered Charity Number: 1154032) which counters childhood poverty in London, England. For further detail on Percent’s donation policies please refer to their Terms and Conditions.

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