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Our journey as a
B Corp™️

We are the only FX B Corp that has impact at the heart of its business model
Robert Hayward

What’s our purpose?

GoodFX was originally founded to be an emergency fundraising mechanism for charities during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Since those beginnings, our goal is now to be the international payments provider of choice for purposeful business, and use our business model to drive economic inclusion.

We offer low cost, transparent solutions for international payments and currency conversions, using the commissions we receive to fund any charity of our clients' choice (subject to due diligence), and creating meaningful career training for refugees and marginalised individuals.

As a B-Corp we are committed to the idea of building a new banking system for charities, impact funds, and purposeful business.

How we became a B Corp

When we set up GoodFX we knew we wanted our ‘purpose’ to be the very reason for the company’s existence, rather than an exercise in charity-washing.

We are a ‘Designed to Give’  B Corp and our donations are audited by a 3rd party examiner.

We want to walk the walk wherever we can. There is too much talking and not enough change. For us, being a B Corp means we are constantly examining ourselves to see where we can do better, and then putting it into action.

Yes, the B Corp movement attracts its critics, but there are few organisations that can integrate something as big and broad as ‘repurposing banking for good’ in a well articulated framework, with a viable pathway to change.

How do we rank?

Our latest B Corp score is below, and the full report is available on the B Corp website.

Sharing Ideas_edited.jpg

What’s next?

We’re super proud of what we’ve achieved but we are absolutely not going to stop there.


Our goal is to cross the 100 point mark. And we are excited by the new impact reporting tools we're using, and that are available for our clients.

We can now provide a lot more reporting on the impact of the funds our clients generate as they are passed over to their nominated causes. By quantifying this impact by client, and across our entire customer-base, we’ll have a clear (and hopefully growing) measure of the wider influence of currency that is exchanged through GoodFX.

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