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Ethical FX for
Sustainability Teams

We're a B Corp that uses foreign exchange for good,
and saves your company money at the same time.
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Money is at the heart of the problem and the solution

The banking system contributes heavily to the climate crisis and the subsequent displacement of people and communities, yet it does little to help those that are affected by the consequences of its actions.

We’re on a mission to repurpose international banking to serve the planet and drive economic inclusion for refugees.

The great news is that you and your finance team can be part of the solution…

How does ethical FX work?

We offer finance teams competitive and transparent foreign exchange (FX) rates, and give up part of our commission to fund any charity of your choice, or even your own charitable foundation.


This means that every time your company uses foreign currency to pay employees or suppliers, or move money around your organisation, a percentage of that goes to charity.

We pay that donation, and then provide you with the impact reporting.

You trade
We give
Charities benefit
  Together we'll make some noise!

The B Corp now with
100% more social impact!

As well as using your existing currency conversions to make more money for your chosen charities, working with GoodFX also means you’re directly helping refugees.

We train refugees in the skills and tools required to understand and sell FX products, and give them roles so they become part of the financial community.

They earn commission when their clients make an FX trade, so are building their own income stream and improving their situation.

Multiracial Colleagues

How can your company get involved?

We simply need your support to help us make the case with your finance team, who are responsible for currency trades within your business.

They are the route to unlocking funds for your selected company charities or foundation, and the ethical impact that comes from working with a UK B Corp company operating in this space.

But first, we’d like to understand your ESG goals, so that we can work with you to align and present a compelling argument to bring them onside.

Select individual charities or allocate across sustainable development goals 

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