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Effective solutions for
Finance Teams

Access consistently competitive rates through an independent, ethical provider and platforms you can trust
Working at the Office

A business model that aligns with your goals

We think much of the FX market is broken: Attracting new clients with competitive quotes, then hiking margins to make as much profit as possible before they switch.

We do not operate like this. It doesn’t align with our principles, but also because our business model doesn’t allow it. 

We give one third of our trading profits to charity, so we disclose our profit margin to you on every trade.

Being ethical makes us transparent, and being transparent makes us ethical.

A full range of trade types

Creating positive impact doesn't mean losing access to the financial instruments you rightly expect from your FX provider...

Spot trades

Book at today's rate and pay your suppliers for goods and services.

Forward Contracts

Fix in the exchange rate into the future, enabling you to forecast effectively and manage the cash flow in your business.

Market Order

Market orders can be a great way to assure you get the desired rate for your goods and services. Let the technology do the work for you.

Naturally specialising in frontier currencies

We deliver competitive rates in any currency, but we through our own impact work have a natural specialism in ‘frontier markets’. That wide range of exotic currencies includes:


Angolan Kwanza

🇦🇴 (1).png

Ghanaian Cedi

🇦🇴 (2).png

Kenyan Shilling


Malawian Kwacha

🇦🇴 (4).png

Nigerian Naira

🇦🇴 (5).png

Rwandan Franc

🇦🇴 (6).png

Ugandan Shilling

Many of our charity partners are operating in these regions with FX requirements more heavily weighted towards them. With this experience we are able to source market-leading rates from hard-to-reach places.





Our model allows your business to ‘pay it forward’: supporting the communities around your business in these markets, and driving career opportunities as well.

We are supported by a broad range of FCA regulated partners

We’ve partnered with six well-established FX platforms to offer a range of options suited to different client types, currency requirements and trade volumes.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 104414.png

During our discovery process we’ll recommend the most appropriate for your business and then work with you throughout onboarding.

Alternatively, get an instant assessment by completing a short form.

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