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with Purpose

We’re an international payments B Corp that turns forex into social good, by supporting your charities with our profits every time you make a trade, and by creating meaningful jobs for refugees.

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Finance Teams

Get consistently competitive FX products from the world’s leading platforms.

Sustainability Teams

Unlock new social impact from your company’s existing capital flows. At zero cost.

Charities & Corporate Foundations

Receive financial donations every time you send money to the front line.

Some of our clients
who trade currency with us at market-leading rates
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Using our profits to support these charities:
We started using GoodFX predominantly to reduce our FX costs, and we've already been able to give a substantial amount to the British Red Cross.

Joeline Smith

Group Financial Controller, FISER


Our mission

COVID was an absolute disaster for UK charities, with 50% of them on the verge of going bankrupt during lockdown. And yet money continued to flow around the world.


Everybody thinks about funding good causes with discrete capital sums – donations or investments. Nobody thinks about flow of capital – but bankers do.

What if we could capture the flow of global capital - money that never sleeps - and tap it off for good causes?


That is the genesis of GoodFX.

Our impact

Read our blog to understand the impact work you can contribute to

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