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GoodFX Out & About: A round up of an event-filled week

This week London seemed to be abuzz. Maybe it was the warm sunny weather? Maybe it was the continued progress of our men’s football team? Or maybe it was just because we’ve spent most of it out of the office for once, exhibiting at and visiting a whole host of events which all seemed to fall into the same five days…

On Monday evening we joined Small Giants Academy and The Conduit for an Impact Investing Community gathering. Three family office principles sharing insights into their climate journey. Focusing the mind on the intentions behind impact work, not just the monetary outcomes.

After final preparations late into Monday night, on Tuesday, we then kicked off with our presence at Reset Connect. 7,500 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and 400 speakers, we ran out of key rings and pens by the end… 

A highlight was the enlightening discussion led by Mahima Sukhdev, Ben Constable-Maxwell, Elsa Pau, Nathan Cole, and James Payne on the future of finance and its pivotal role in advancing climate innovation. They spoke about the imperative for finance to support sustainable industries and advocate for global climate goals. This resonates deeply with our mission at GoodFX, as we pioneer payments as a new asset class in sustainable finance. 

Our participation as first-time exhibitors was particularly rewarding, fostering productive conversations with innovative individuals, NGOs, charities, and businesses committed to sustainability. 

Our team really enjoyed our conversations with Chris Metalle from Cleaner Seas Group, Stephane Bazire from Silverstone, Samson Sahmland-Bowling from Open Energy Labs, and Megan Witty from Rainforest Concern. It was fascinating to hear their sustainability goals and the way their businesses are increasingly prioritising ‘purpose’. These interactions underscored the widespread dedication across a huge breadth of sectors towards sustainability goals.


Later in the week, we attended the Charity Finance Group Annual Conference, where the session on Finance as the Turnaround Leader left a profound impression. The conference highlighted the critical role of finance in guiding charities towards resilient growth amidst evolving economic challenges. Simon Hopkins eloquently addressed the financial pressures faced by charities, emphasising the need for innovative funding models to navigate these complexities.

He spoke about the 'existential threat' that charities face in the wake of growing supply/demand imbalances for their services, and the continued shrinking of donations in the face of the cost of living crisis. We believe that now more than ever alternative funding models are critically important, and hope that we can play a part in this shift.

He also highlighted the fact that charities lack external shareholders, and so often rely on an emotional collective buy-in for organisational change. This was a useful insight for us to ponder, as we recognise it may not just be charity finance teams we need to have understand what we do, but the wider organisation, including trustees…


For the GoodFX team, these experiences underscored the alignment of our mission with broader sustainability objectives, affirming our commitment to leveraging finance as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. 

This week was not just about showcasing GoodFX’s capabilities and impact but also about gaining invaluable insights into the transformative potential of finance in advancing sustainability goals. It has been an inspiring and enriching journey for the entire team.


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