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Interviews with Impactful People: Celebrating B Corp Month 2024

For B Corp Month 2024 the team at GoodFX has decided to interview a different B Corp every working day of March. We want to understand what their businesses do, how they think about impact and sustainability, why they went down the B Corp route, and how it relates to their business and vision.

Next up, Mohammad from Patients Know Best...

Mohammad delves into the Patients Know Best's innovative approach to healthcare technology and sustainability. Being B Corp certified since 2015, Mohammad explains that Patients Know Best is a medical software company that enables patients to access their medical data, which in turn leads to improved self-care and reduced healthcare costs and carbon emissions.

Mohammad discusses how B Corp certification has helped Patients Knows Best build trust with governments, especially with the handling of sensitive patient data. He highlights the importance of governance in aligning with government contracts and how B Corp certification serves as a signal of the company's ethical practices and values.

Mohammad touches upon the collaborative nature of B Corps, where sharing knowledge and best practices is encouraged, and he demonstrates his gratitude for being part of a community that values such sustainability and social responsibility.

Ultimately, Patients Knows Best is dedicated to leveraging technology for positive social impact, while prioritising sustainability and ethical business practices.


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