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Saving Orangutans: A Conversation with Ben Callison of BOS UK

In this video Ben Callison, the CEO of Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) UK, shares insights into the complex yet vital mission of saving orangutans from extinction, describing the multifaceted approach BOS UK takes in conservation efforts.

The primary goal of BOS UK is straightforward but multi-layered: saving orangutans from extinction. It involves intricate and diverse programs, ranging from direct rescue missions to broader initiatives like land conservation and community involvement.

The survival of orangutans hinges on a global network of support. BOS UK relies on donations from individuals and partnerships with foundations and corporations, all critical for the myriad of tasks BOS UK undertakes.

BOS UK's efforts include an adoption program, allowing individuals to support the rehabilitation of orphaned orangutans. These animals undergo extensive training to prepare them for a return to the wild, a process that can take up to seven or eight years.

The role of GoodFX

It's vital that donations effectively reach Indonesia to make a tangible impact. Funds support over 400 orangutans in rehabilitation centres in Borneo, and are also allocated to ecosystem conservation projects, including the reforestation of damaged land.

GoodFX has enabled BOS UK to transfer funds efficiently to Indonesia, while GoodFX also contributing a portion of its fees back to the charity.

"Since partnering with GoodFX, BOS UK has experienced streamlined fund transfers and exceptional support, enhancing our operational efficiency and allowing us to focus more on our conservation efforts."

Where next?

Ben explains that we're in a critical moment for orangutan conservation, and that supporting orangutans has a significant impact on the planet as a whole. By supporting orangutan conservation, donors are not only helping a keystone species but also protecting the biodiversity of rainforests and contributing to climate crisis solutions.

"With the support of the Indonesian government and global partners, there is a real opportunity to save this species."


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